The Northern York Lacrosse Club is a non-profit youth sports organization serving the Northern York County School District. Our mission is to organize, develop and promote the sport of lacrosse for boys and girls in elementary through 8th grade.

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The Northern York Lacrosse Club

Our Roots:

The Northern York Lacrosse Club (NYLC) serves the Northern York County School District and surrounding areas and provides a positive lacrosse experience for players as they learn and play the sport of lacrosse. The NYLC has historically been known as the “Wolfpack” with the colors of black and red. In prior years, it included players from multiple school districts. This past spring, Mechanicsburg created their own youth lacrosse club, leaving the majority of players from the Northern York County School District.   Due to this split, the NYLC Board decided that now was the time to bring the lacrosse club more in line with the mission of preparing players for the Northern High School lacrosse teams. According to Angie Fulfer, club president, “Being known as the “Wolfpack” didn’t allow other clubs to identify where we were from. Now, as the “Polar Bears” and being purple and white, everyone can connect us with Northern.” This year will be the first year that we will wear purple and white/grey with a polar bear mascot.

Currently all of our practice and game fields are in the Dillsburg area. Our season begins with weekly indoor practices from January through mid-March, and then outdoor practices and games from mid-March to mid-May. From the founding of the Club to the present day, we have always made the players a priority. Our coaches are committed to instilling these values into your youth and living it out in the often challenging environment of competitive sports and we ask all parents to support these values on and off the field.

Our youth sport philosophy can be summarized by clicking here. You can also view a list of FAQs by clicking here.

NYLC Committment message:

We expect that all NYLC lacrosse players will make attendance at all practices and games a priority as much as possible during the season. We recognize that some youth will play overlapping sports at the beginning or end of our season, and that families will at times have higher commitments, but for the sake of the youth’s skill development and his/her contribution to the overall team during games, attendance is expected from our January weekly winter practices until games conclude in mid-May. Thank you.

Mission Statement

The Northern York Lacrosse Club was formed to expose young men to a unique, enjoyable sports experience. The goal of the club is to develop a competitive youth sports organization.

The Sport

Lacrosse combines attributes of the most popular sports such as Football, Basketball, Hockey and Soccer. Many life lessons can be derived from this team sport such as sportsmanship, team play, physical conditioning, self confidence and field sports strategies, just to name a few. The Native American Indians believed this sport to be a gift from the creator and played the game as a demonstration of their physical prowess. They referred to the game as “the little brother of war” when the game was used to settle disputes between villages. Today’s game remains strikingly similar to the ancient game but is played on a well defined, Soccer sized field. The object is to score goals by using a stick (Crosse) and throw a hard rubber ball into your opponent’s goal. The opposing team defends their territory, thus creating the competition. Lacrosse is fast, physical and exciting for both the player and spectator. The game’s increasing popularity in the Central Pennsylvania area makes Lacrosse a logical addition to the sports currently offered for all age levels.


Individual player equipment is the responsibility of the player. Such equipment may include but not limited to the following; cleats, arm pads, gloves, shoulder pads, sticks and helmets. Purchase of team uniforms will be the responsibility of the player unless otherwise indicated by the club. The club will make arrangements for the design and production of the team’s uniforms. Field equipment, i.e.; goals, nets, field paint, liners, etc. will be the responsibility of the club.

Fundraising and Financial Responsibility

Membership dues will be required to allow for the management of the club. Player assessments may be necessary to maintain club solvency. Any assessment levied will need the approval of the Board.

Fundraising will fall into two categories;

Club fundraising will be mandatory. Participation is expected from each player to ensure that the financial exposure of the club is recovered in regards to acquiring the necessary facilities and field equipment for practice and game schedules as well as provide the teams with necessary player’s equipment that is not the responsibility of the individual player.

Individual fundraising will be designed in an attempt to defray the individual cost of each player’s financial exposure and will not be mandatory but up to the discretion of the player’s family.

General Club Meetings

The club will announce in advance the time and place of the general club meetings which will outline the activities and club functions that each member can participate in. The club business will be conducted at the Annual meeting held at the end of the regular season and before the start of the summer training season.