The Northern York Lacrosse Club is a non-profit youth sports organization serving the Northern York County School District. Our mission is to organize, develop and promote the sport of lacrosse for boys and girls in elementary through 8th grade.

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Concussion Awareness

 Every year, players of all ages in all sports receive concussion injuries during games and practice. Characterized by an impairment of the brain’s normal function and caused by violent shaking or jarring of the brain, concussions may cause alterations in cognitive function, vision, eye movement, facial movement, or speech. Contrary to popular belief, no helmet in any sport can prevent a concussion.

Concussions are a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI), caused by a blow or jolt to the head that can range from mild to severe and can disrupt the way the brain normally works. More than 300,000 people sustain sports- and recreation-related TBIs every year in this country. Coaches, athletic directors and trainers play a key role in helping to prevent concussion and in managing it properly if it occurs.

US Lacrosse and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have partnered to develop a number of educational resources regarding concussions. These resources, titled Heads Up, contain practical, easy-to-use information designed to help reduce the numbers of this type of injury.

Parent Fact Sheet for Concussions: Fact Sheet for Concussions.pdf

Player Fact Sheet for Concussions: Fact Sheet for Concussions.pdf

Mandatory Concussion Testing:  This needs to be done before the player is registered for the 2015 season. This test must be repeated every 2 years. If your player completed the test for last season they do not have to take it again this year. This test is free.

Step 1: Go to Concussion Baseline Testing   (double click or see below)

Step 2: Select "York County Lacrosse" from the list of organizations/schools (do not select "Northern Youth Recreation Association"
Step 3: Enter the password: Ycla2015

Step 4: You will then be directed to Launch Baseline Test
Step 5: Enter the Customer ID Code F9B5D5E8D1 and follow instructions to complete the test (please make sure your brower's pop-up blocker is turned off)

There is no need to provide the c lub with verification - we get a print out from Wellspan of our players and the date they took the test.

Under the "Lacrosse Resources Tab" on our home page, there is a page dedicated just for concussion information.  Please familiarize yourself and your player with the symptoms of concussions. Notify your coach IMMEDIATELY if you think your player may have a concussion!